Designing Business Space

Joining me for this podcast episode are Davis Neable (User Experience Professional, IBM Software Group) and Cale Vardy (Visual Designer, IBM Software Group Media Design Studio) talking about the design of IBM Business Space Powered by WebSphere. After introductions, the user research that was carried out is outlined as is the development of persona and user stories, the early wireframe designs and over time high fidelity designs, and the user feedback that was collected throughout the project. Design challenges are summarized together with the innovative design solutions. In addition, the pros and cons of distributed design and development were discussed as well as the technologies the team used to optimize their design work.

Mashup Privacy Concerns

Mashups increasingly make data which were heretofore not made available easy to deliver to users or it is the process of putting together disparate data sources which is now possible. An article in Computerworld makes the case for privacy concerns from mashups much like the Kobe Bryant incident involving text messaging data. Access the article for more information on this.

Microsoft: Watch out for Web 2.0's 'Kobe Bryant' moment