Moved Site to SquareSpace

My site has been on Blogger since October 17, 2006 and I've been really pleased with it as a blogging platform. I hear people snickering when Blogger is mentioned much like they do when people mention Hotmail, Razr, or MS-Bob. These products work perfectly well but they're not fashionable.

I pride myself in seeing the value in products and not necessarily simply moving with the fashion for its own sake. However, I do move when I see value in a new product. I've just done that with my blog. Although I was happy enough with Blogger, the added features and design of SquareSpace won me over.

I'm writing this post using the SquareSpace iPhone app. It's really slick! I also like the fact that I can design and build an entire site not just a blog using SquareSpace. I've heard the commercials on many of the podcasts I listen to and I also recently recommended it to my son.

I have more to do on the site and more to learn but I've been really pleased with SquareSpace thus far. The only aspect of SquareSpace that is inferior to Blogger, other than the price of course, is the image handling in the editor. I'd love for that feature to be on parity.

I must also apologize for the use of Flash in the podcast player used on the site.  It is the only player currently available from the hosting service I use for my podcasts.  As soon as I find a non-Flash version, I'll make the change.  My goal is to be 100 percent Flash free on the site.

I'd appreciate any thoughts and feedback you may have on the new site.

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