Innovation & Design Balance Podcast

Here's episode #25 in my UXDesignCast podcast series. I use a number of different formats in the series including interviews with design leaders of companies across the industry, education sessions, interviews with IBM design teams, and panel discussions. The latest session is a panel format and included panelists Val Fox (Director, Innovative Technology Solutions, Ryerson University), Keith Instone (Information Architecture Lead, IBM CIO's Office,, and Eliane Tozman (User Interface Designer, IBM Media Design Studio). In this episode, the panel discusses the Sixth Sense research project, the future of internet search, data-driven design, and what's messing up our UIs (see previous post on this blog).

I recorded this podcast some weeks ago but we had so many technical difficulties with the recording (one panelist didn't have the regular microphone, one didn't have mute working yielding huge echoes, another had a phone ring, and other interruptions) that it took until now to provide an edited version of it. I'd appreciate any comments you may have on it using the regular commenting mechanism.