LH65 - Life Lessons

Karel reflects on the life of Steve Jobs and discusses his life lessons as conveyed through Walter Isaacson's authorized biography "Steve Jobs" and Steve's 2005 Stanford Commencement Address.  You may also want to check out Karel's blog post on Steve Jobs's contributions to design.

LH64 - Visualizing Progress

Are you still getting stuck and lacking sufficient motivation? Karel devotes this episode to using visualization of the goal and progress toward the goal as additional means of increasing your motivation and being successful. These techniques are applicable to virtually all the areas of focus and topics covered in this podcast series.

LH60 - Complaining Effectively

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Guy Winch joins Karel on this episode to provide a set of quotes and top 10 tips for learning to complain effectively. Guy is the author of a great book on the topic called "The Squeaky Wheel: Complaining the right way to get results, improve your relationships, and enhance self-esteem".  Learn more about Guy at his website, Facebook page, or on Twitter.

LH57 - Vegetarianism

Whether you're interested for health, the environment, ethics, or just to eat tasty food, this episode will help you with moving toward a plant-based diet and provide you with 10 practical progressive steps to get there. Karel has long-time vegetarian advocate Dilip Barman as his guest on this episode. Dilip makes reference to two websites during the session: the first is an article on FAO and the second is an article on the Guardian website.  For more information, you can visit Dilip's own website, his cooking site, his photography site, and the International Vegetarian Union site, and also the Triangle Vegetarian Society site.  Please note that there is a knocking sound during parts of the podcast which we've done the best to try to edit out but still is able to be heard in certain places.  Apologies for any annoyance this may cause you while listening to this episode.

LH54 - Relaxation

Want to learn to achieve a deep state of relaxation?  Karel provides this special episode with guided instruction to achieve deep progressive muscle relaxation. This episode can be listened to whenever you would like to achieve deep relaxation and it is recommended that you only listen to it in a private and quiet setting with no distractions. The background music used on this episode is Antonio Vivaldi's Sonata 5 Largo (I & III) performed by the Telemann Trio and is used courtesy of Musopen (musopen.org).

LH52 - Taking Things Personally

Do you tend to take things personally more than you should?  Karel devotes this episode to a listener request to address the topic of taking things personally. After discussing some developmental and individual difference dimensions related to the topic and some relevant quotes, he provides advice for improving in this important area via a top 10 list.

LH47 - Teamwork

Do you have to work with others in groups? Pretty well everyone does. Do you want to improve the teamwork exhibited by those teams? In response to a listener request, Karel devotes this episode to the various ways teamwork can be optimized.