LH103 - Career Pivots

Here’s another in the occasional series of episodes on major life changes. This episode focusses on career pivots, that is major career changes, and discusses insights, lessons learned, and advice from someone who has recently gone through this. Karel is joined by Lendy Krantz who is currently Director of Operations and Strategy at WeWork in New York City.

LH99 - Diversity & Inclusion

Karel's back with a podcast episode dealing with the important topic of diversity and inclusion. In addition to reviewing previous episodes related to the topic and providing some inspirational quotes, Karel focuses on three habits: Recognizing and eliminating bias, understanding and empathizing, and championing and celebrating. He finishes up the episode talking about the episodes to come which will focus on insights from people who have gone through significant life changes. 

LH92 - Optimizing Happiness

After conducting a poll with listeners via social media as to what topic to focus on next, Karel determined that Optimizing Happiness was far and away the most asked for. Karel builds on the foundation that was built in LH84 - Being Happier to provide additional advice in this episode to further hone particular habits to achieve even greater levels of happiness in life.