LH92 - Optimizing Happiness

After conducting a poll with listeners via social media as to what topic to focus on next, Karel determined that Optimizing Happiness was far and away the most asked for. Karel builds on the foundation that was built in LH84 - Being Happier to provide additional advice in this episode to further hone particular habits to achieve even greater levels of happiness in life. 

LH84 - Being Happier

Karel devotes this episode to the topic of being happier and summarizes a list of ten items from Positive Psychology that you can start to do right away to be happier. He also recommends a new social network focused on increasing happiness in the world, called Happier.com.

LH80 - Cultures of Wellness

Karel is again joined by Marie-Josée Shaar this time to discuss four approaches to creating cultures of wellness. Make sure to visit Marie-Josée's website smartsandstamina.com which also includes a link to her book. For further information on this topic, make sure to visit positivepychologynews.com.